How I Became A Founder: ElectroNeek’s Sergey Yudovskiy

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Sergey Yudovskiy cofounded ElectroNeek in 2018 and became its CEO. Before ElectroNeek, he founded and led the Center for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, a European consulting company focused on RPA implementation in financial services, natural resource companies, and energy sectors. In 2017, KPMG put his firm on the list of leading RPA market players in financial services, right next to Accenture and the Big Four accounting firms (KPMG, EY, Deloitte, and PricewaterhouseCoopers).

Sergey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fundamental and Applied Mathematics from EUN (Eurasian National University). He is a professional Go player with hobbies in video games and investing in indie game developers.

ElectroNeek founder Sergey Yudovskiy.

Frederick Daso: When did you first gain interest in being a founder?

Sergey Yudovskiy: I founded my first business when I was at university at the age of 21. It was a small service company that mounted office security equipment and security cameras. It was a great time — I was young and made all the mistakes possible for a budding entrepreneur. Despite the failure of the first business, the desire to develop and grow as a founder only increased.

Daso: What were the essential experiences that helped you be in the position you are today?

Yudovskiy: A vital tipping point in the past was my general interest in emerging RPA technology. I changed the focus of my company from implementing CRM to RPA consulting and implementation. My team developed RPA robots for the largest companies in Europe. It quickly became clear to me that all existing solutions would not be able to satisfy the massive demand for software robots outside of these large organizations. From this moment begins the story of ElectroNeek.

Daso: Who were the critical individuals or groups that contributed to your professional success, and why?

Yudovskiy: Dmitry Karpov played an essential role in showing how small our world is, and there are no borders for the IT business. Without a doubt, I was very successful in my region, and I am now as a leading expert and leader in RPA technology. At the same time, Dmitry’s example showed that there are no geographic borders, and I need to build my future globally.

Daso: Were there any particular clubs at school that were excellent resources for breaking into your current field?

Yudovskiy: My father brought me to a big IT company as an intern after I graduated from high school. I watched how the organization works, how the processes are built. Then I realized that I want to create something similar in the future, specifically a comprehensive system that benefits other people and companies. It was the most valuable experience in my life that set me for the future.

Daso: What do you think stops most people from becoming a founder?

Yudovskiy: I do not think that being a founder is the innate desire of every person. Now there are a lot of articles and YouTube videos that said everyone should try to be CEO and founder. I believe that with all the challenges, having a desire to be a founder is irrational. Therefore, logic and common sense stop most people from creating their startup. It is entirely crazy to quit your job and start your own business without any guarantees. I respect people who do not have the desire to start their own business, as it is they who help such crazy people like me to create great companies and build something that others want!

Daso: Looking back, would you change anything about your professional path?

Yudovskiy: I love my life, and I had many bright events in the past. The only thing I regret now is that I did not spend more time studying English. I understand IT dialogs well and already understand investment dialogs. Of course, I’m ready for everyday chatting, but I do not have the opportunity to sell independently to end customers. In Europe, I closed many deals, but in the USA, I concentrate more on managing and developing our team, as well as the product. On the other hand, it may even be better for the current stage of our startup. Who knows. My biggest challenge is to bring my level of spoken English to the maximum level.

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