These Two Founders Say This Is The Right Time To Quit Your Job To Build A Startup

Samir Goel and Wemimo Abbey have come together to found Esusu, a financial tech platform empowering immigrant communities to save better, manage their cash flow, and build credit through a digitized rotational savings system. The two cofounders have raised $250,000, with Sinai Ventures as the lead investor. The two cofounders left prestigious jobs at LinkedIn and PricewaterhouseCoopers, respectively, to build Esusu on a full-time basis. Goel, 24, graduated from New York University in 2016. Abbey, 26, holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management from the University of Minnesota, and a Master’s in Public Administration from NYU.

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Esusu cofounders Wemimo Abbey (left) and Samir Goel (right).

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Forbes Under 30 Contributor, 2016 LinkedIn Top Voice, Venture Fellow at Rough Draft Ventures

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